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Feng Shui always intrigued me. I took a chance and consulted you. The Feng Shui advice that you gave me and my family, for regaining our energy, career and achieving our goals.... everything has been dream come true.
You gave some tips as well as enhancers, and advised about their placement. I believe it is the proper placement of feng Shui remedies, along with your positive attitude and energizing of the feng Shui articles that worked.
I have already recommended you to many and I keep recommending you to every one. Feng Shui is amazing.


After following ur suggestions I am really able to see a lot of benefits in regard to health has happened to me. I first started with the bamboos and the woulus. And then I added the picture for health which you suggested.
I had constant gidiness for a very long time. I consulted many doctors it didnt work. Now after coming to you i went to a doctor who thought me simple excercise which worked along with the fengshui things at my place. Now i am free from gidiness. I am able to be mobile now. Before i used to stay at home because of the guidines.


I like to thank you for guiding me to solve problems thorough feng shui.I have taken many things to solve my problems and stay content.

Ekta Choudhary

Actually I didnt know anything about Feng Shui until one day I landed up at Feng Shui Chennai with a friend of mine many years back. My first thoughts of seeing the idols over there were to decorate my home with colourful objects. But later on with a correct guidance from Madam, I could feel the benefit of applying Feng Shui at my place.
It is simple and practical ways to maximise good fortune, avoid bad luck and ensure good health. It is a apt place to find and learn more about Feng Shui. I wish Feng Shui Chennai and Madam every success.


Would really like to thank you for the extremely helpful and effective Feng Shui suggestions provided by you. Interacting with you has always been a pleasure and always got to know something new about how to use the energies around. I would also definitely recommend your store to anyone who wants good and true advice on proper Feng Shui remedies. Wishing you all success.

Jaya Alex

I have been using products referred by you and it has been very helpful in my life and work space. I am thankful to you for your valuable guidance.

Jayanthi Ganesh

Kashmira is a genuine kind hearted soul. Her simplicity & caring comes out in her managing customers .This is a extremely rare quality which touched me immensely, apart from her advise which benefited me a lot .

Manoj Lekhrajani

It was real blessing to know yourself and the service/guidance you provide to all of us. Like ever other person me too was going through a rough patch of life both personally and professionally.
That's when i was lucky to spot your shop and your simple suggestion like bamboo shoots , The Dragon, Phoenix etc., had brought good luck / positive energy and made wonder's in my life. I admire the mother love and care you give us in understanding our problems and the right guidance you give us...

Sudhakar M.D

Kashmira has been so helpful to me in choosing the right symbols which I wanted to be at my home. Kuan Kong, money frogs & fook have been so good. They definitely brought positive change in my life. Thank you Kashmira.

Kiran Kumar

I had been trying to get good Fengshui articles for specific challenges for a long time. It became possible after i visited your shop and met you. You have been good at listening to the situation and providing apt remedies for the same.
In the long run this has helped me immensely. Also the personal attention that you provide really needs appreciation. There has been a overall improvement in life. Wish you Good Luck for solving and bringing happiness to people who come to consult you.

Meena Arunkumar

We are buyers of Feng - Shui products from the year 2005 onwards and we find harmonious atmosphere and a peaceful kind of life.

velayudhan nambiar

I have been using products referred by you and it has been very helpful in my life and work space. I am thankful to you for your valuable guidance.

Vijayalakshmi Krishnakumar

Feng Shui Chennai is one stop shop for your Feng Shui needs. It has a good collection of Feng Shui objects and the best part is you can visit the shop with your requirement and Kashmira will guide you to solution and explain how it is to be used effectively. It has also been a learning experience for me. I would recommend this shop for anybody interested in Feng Shui objects placement at home.


Very nice Feng Shui shop, has variety of items and adding factor is the madam there who explains things very well. I was very happy to have visited and will be my permanent Feng Shui shop to visit in future.


The only exclusive Fengshui shop in Chennai. Mrs.Kashmira not only energizes the Fengshui products but she guides you where to keep the products exactly in your house/office to get better results.


Very happy with Kashmira`s energized feng shui products. They have definitely brought luck and happiness into my life. The phoenix, kuan kung, luck symbol and the frogs helped me land a job in less than a month. I will recommend Feng Shui Chennai to everyone seeking happiness!


I discovered this shop by sheer serendipity. The owner, Ms.Kashmira gave me excellent advice and there have been many positive changes after I implemented them. I totally recommend this shop for the wide range of Feng Shui products which are effective and authentic.


Hi. This is Balaji from Salem, I am regular visitor of you shop.All the articles here are unique. I am very much happy to meet you and Thankful to you for your guidance. I wish u good health and happiness.