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Hello & Welcome to the World of Feng Shui

Mrs Kashmira who is based in Chennai (India) has been a Feng Shui Practitioner for more than 20 years trained under the world renowned feng shui consultant and author Ms Lillian Too of Malaysia. She is also a Vaastu Consultant. In 1997 she promoted "Feng Shui Chennai" which is India's first exclusive Feng Shui Boutique.
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Why Choose Us

  • Kashmira Is Trained Under Globally Acclaimed Feng Shui Consultant and Author Ms.Lillian Too
  • 20 Years Experience As a Feng Shui Practitioner
  • " Feng Shui Chennai " The First Exclusive Boutique In India
  • The Only Retail Outlet In The Country Selling Energized Feng Shui Products
  • Chennai's Top Feng Shui Consultant
  • Satisfied Customers In Thousands

Luck for 2020

The Paht Chee chart( Four Pillars of Destiny)of the Metal Rat in 2020 is a mixture of good and bad energy. This is because the Center is ruled by the “ Robbery and Betrayal Star” which causes a lot of negativity, irritations and bad tempers. At its extreme there may be violence and even physical harm. Do not trust people easily. One should definitely subdue this Betrayal/Robbery star (Read my column on inauspicious sectors).

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Auspicious Directions For 2020

SOUTHEAST- An auspicious Divine Star flies to the SE bringing heavenly blessings of Prosperity and Mentor Luck. When this sector is properly activated there are chances of Windfall Luck. Keep the sector well lit with bright lights. Place a Diety in the East whom you connect with. One can also hang six coins tied together with a red string or a six rod metal windchime. Individuals born in the year of the Dragon or Snake will benefit from this auspicious star.    

Inauspicious Directions in 2020

EAST- The misfortune star “ 5 Yellows” can bring distress and suffering to those whose main door is located in the East or facing East. Bad luck can manifest in financial loss, accidents, disputes, disharmony, severe relationship breakdown, threatening terminal illness or a feeling of unhappiness. Rabbit born animal sign and also the eldest son should be very careful this year. Remedies should be placed before 4 th Feb 2020.


  • feng-shui-consulting-services-in-chennai
  • feng-shui-consultant-in-chennai
  • feng-shui-practitioners-in-chennai
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